A letter to our friends and community,

Today we announced a groundbreaking partnership with Takeda. This is a significant milestone for Portal as it begins to validate our business model. I am thrilled about this achievement and would like to thank the whole team that has worked tirelessly to make this happen.

We know that patients, when undergoing a new diagnosis of ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, RA, MS, Psoriasis, etc. not only have to face a new reality of having a debilitating chronic disease, but also will be plagued with the anxiety of having to use needle and syringes for the foreseeable future. As their mind is racing, dealing with this new reality, often comes the thought of “Will I get better?”, “Is this the right therapy for me?”, “What will people think if they see me with these needles?”, “Will I do it right?”, “Could I hurt myself?”. This makes the decision to go on a biologic not a light one to take.

Portal recognizes that patients – whether newly diagnosed or not – have a lot on their minds and managing their disease can create many levels of stress.

What drives us at Portal is to change the paradigm on how those therapies are perceived and felt by the patients. We want to transform their experience on their life changing drugs and help them feel normal again. We believe that by removing the needle from those therapies, we can remove some of the patient’s anxiety.

This partnership is a chance to take what we believe and prove it in the real world with real drugs, partners and stakeholders. Our research work and clinical trials point to this but now we can finally bring it to life.

And we will do this and so much more by continuing to live our values. By focusing on the patient; by being transparent with one another, our partners, and our patients. By creating a product once dreamed of in Star Trek by hiring a diverse, smart team and encouraging them to be creative, open to learning, and rigorous in their approach.

Today is a milestone worth celebrating as we continue to work toward fulfilling our vision of a needle-free world. Many thanks to all of the team members at Portal Instruments!

Patrick Anquetil, PhD, MBA

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