Patrick Anquetil Speaks at LSI’s 2023 Emerging MedTech Summit

Watch Patrick Anquetil, CEO of Portal Instruments, take the stage at LSI's 2023 Emerging MedTech Summit in Dana Point, California. Tune in to the recorded session to hear Dr. Anquetil dive into the innovative world of of needle-free and Portal Instrument's groundbreaking needle-free technology.

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Portal Featured in Drug Development and Delivery Special Feature

Portal Instruments, led by Dr. Patrick Anquetil, PHD, MBA, CEO and Founder, is setting a new standard in drug delivery with its groundbreaking PRIME device. In a special feature by Drug Development and Delivery, Dr. Anquetil explains how PRIME not only prioritizes patient comfort and compliance but also aligns with environmental sustainability.

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Bill Rich

Portal Instruments Welcomes William (Bill) Rich to the Board of Directors

June 7th, 2023 Cambridge, MA – Portal Instruments is pleased to announce that Bill Rich has joined its Board of Directors. Mr. Rich is a seasoned executive with vast leadership experience in biotechnology, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals.

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Portal Instruments appoints Dr. Veena Rao, PhD, as Chief Business Officer

Portal Instruments is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Veena Rao, PhD, as Chief Business Officer, effective December 5th, 2022. Dr. Rao will lead the identification, evaluation, and negotiation of partnership opportunities for Portal. In addition, Dr. Rao, in close collaboration with the CEO and cross-functional team, will guide the company’s short and long-term commercial strategy.

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Needle-Free: A Nurse’s Perspective

According to the CDC, nurses are affected by needle stick injuries more than any other single professional group. We sat down with a nurse who works in a hospital located in the Greater Boston Area to discuss instances of needle stick injuries.

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A Difficult Needle to Thread

Logan Merrill has taken testosterone injections for 6 years. In this piece, Logan talks about his transition and the process of taking his injections.

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Gerresheimer and Portal enter strategic partnership to treat chronically ill patients with innovative needle-free drug-delivery solution

Gerresheimer AG is expanding its portfolio of highly-innovative platform technologies for drug delivery. Gerresheimer, a leading provider of healthcare & beauty solutions and drug delivery systems for pharma, biotech and cosmetics, today announced an investment into US-based Portal Instruments, a developer of a next-generation needle-free drug delivery technology. Together, the partners aim at transforming the administration of injectable medicines and improving the patient's experience, especially for those with chronic diseases.

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Investigation into the Feasibility of a 2 mL Needle-Free Injector

The current paradigm of injectable drug delivery has stagnated since the early 2000s. Despite recent innovations, like the launch in Europe of the first electromechanical reusable and connected auto-injector (UCB’s CIMZIA ava Connect® in early 2021), almost all new biologic drugs are launched with specific and undifferentiated self-injection options: a spring-based mechanical auto-injector (e.g., SHL’s Molly® and Ypsomed’s Ypsomate®) and a prefilled syringe, often with attached safety device, (e.g., Becton Dickinson’s UltraSafe Passive™). This now-common set of options only serves two classes of patients well. 

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Needle-Free Iterations

Iterations of Portal’s Needle-Free Drug Delivery

In the consumer tech world, iterations happen very fast,  though most inventions are not ‘one and done’ masterpieces: the Dyson cyclone vacuum cleaner made 5,127 prototypes. In the medical device world, development takes longer because of the appropriate and necessary regulations and need for safety.  Using an agile approach, but with safety and reliability in mind, Portal has made tremendous technological advancement in the development of a next-generation needle-free injector through multiple iterations and prototypes.

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