The Realities of IVF Treatment

There is never a perfect time to take an injection. Hear Emily talk about the challenges of taking IVF injections while outside the comfort of home.

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What You Need to Know About Needle-Free

Needles are a 150-year-old technology. The world around us is rapidly evolving but drug delivery has not made the same technological strides that other medical devices have. Portal Instruments is looking to change that with a highly innovative needle-free drug delivery injector, designed to improve the patient’s experience. Trying new things can be intimidating, so we asked a group of people what they wanted to know about needle-free drug delivery.

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Raising Awareness on Infertility

In the US, approximately 12% of women age 15 to 44 have trouble getting pregnant or carrying a pregnancy to term.¹ To honor National Infertility Week we sat down with Myra, an infertility nurse from Boston, Massachusetts, to talk about the hardships and joys associated with infertility treatment. 

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Non Compliance and Needle Fears

With the COVID-19 vaccine becoming more readily available, there is the outstanding question of how many people will get vaccinated and will it be enough to help society as a whole achieve herd immunity. Although a vaccine may be the path to regain a life of normalcy, a December New York Times survey found that 25% of all Americans “probably or definitely would not take a coronavirus vaccine.”

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Portal Instruments Sumaira X Portal

Portal Instruments Partners with The Sumaira Foundation (TSF) for NMO

The Sumaira Foundation for NMO (TSF) and Portal Instruments are pleased to announce their partnership as of March 2021. Portal Instruments and TSF share a joint vision of creating a better experience and improved treatment options for patients diagnosed with neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder.

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Portal Instruments Joni Kazantzis: One Woman’s Experience With Psoriasis Injections

Joni Kazantzis: One Woman’s Experience With Psoriasis Injections

Joni Kazantzis recently shared her insights on psoriasis and taking injections with The Future of Personal Health.

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Portal Instruments Start Up Info

Striving as a Drug Delivery Startup in a Global Pandemic

Patrick Anquetil talks to about how Portal Instruments, a needle-free drug delivery company has remained agile and healthy during the global pandemic.

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Radio Entre Logo

“Engineering A Needle Free World”- Radio Entrepreneurs

Portal Instruments CEO, Patrick Anquetil, shared an update on the development of Portal's Needle-Free Injector and discusses entrepreneurship with Jeffrey Davis on Radio Entrepreneur. 

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Virtual Fall Private Company Showcase 2020

Solebury Trout – Private Company Showcase

Portal Instruments to attend Solebury Trout’s Virtual Fall Private Company Showcase.

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Portal to present at PODD 2020

Portal to present at Partnership Opportunities in Drug Delivery (PODD) 2020

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