Portal Instruments was founded with the goal to completely disrupt how injections are given and to replace the needle and syringe with a modern, convenient and safe technology.  Our Vision is a Needle-Free World.


Our vision, first and foremost, is of patients with chronic conditions having a better injection experience than they have had in years past.   We see a patient who can feel confident in taking an injection with a modern, safe injector and can then quickly move on with their day.  We envision a world where there are no needles during vaccinations and less stress for parents.  Our vision includes the nurse, who can deliver vaccines faster due to the reduction in anxiety.  It includes the diabetic, who does not have to search for a sharps container at a restaurant.  For the rheumatoid arthritis patient, we envision a faster injection where there is no need to hold a needle against the abdomen for 10-15 seconds with a stiff or shaking hand.  We envision our needle-free injector being used around the world for mass vaccinations, reducing safety risks for community-trained health workers.  We envision easier self-injections for IVF, an already exhausting process. Looking further into the future, a needle-free world could mean the end of needle-stick infections, needle-exchange programs and avoidance of injection-delivered treatments.


Just like no one would ever use a mercury thermometer anymore, we envision a world where needles are only a thing of the past.


How do you imagine a needle-free world?

Portal Instruments Intagram Imagine a Needle-Free World

Portal’s platform is in development and not available for sale or use.