CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – January 28, 2016 – Portal Instruments, Inc., a clinical stage drug delivery device company, announced today that it has received the “On the Rise Company” award by a panel of industry leaders and executives attending the 2016 Drug Delivery Partnerships annual meeting in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The award recognizes new companies to the industry that demonstrate potential to introduce disruptive technology with significant impact in drug delivery.  For 20 years, Drug Delivery Partnerships has been the world’s largest drug delivery event, connecting drug makers with innovative drug delivery companies.

“This is a noteworthy acknowledgment of Portal’s unique approach to solving the challenge of administering high viscosity, high concentration biologics by key opinion leaders in the field of drug delivery,” said Patrick Anquetil, CEO of Portal Instruments. “We feel honored and humbled by this award and will continue to focus our efforts on developing a solution that is safe, easy to use and transformative for patients suffering from chronic diseases.”

Researched and incubated at MIT, the Portal device is an innovative needle-free drug delivery system that enables a fast and convenient injection.  The device is intuitive to use and digital health connectivity features empower the patient to holistically manage their chronic condition and improve their therapy adherence.

About Portal Instruments, Inc.

Portal Instruments is developing a unique platform technology to transform the delivery of modern medicines and improve the patient experience. Portal’s patented technology enables the precise delivery of the exact amount of drug at the desired tissue depth irrespective of drug viscosity and composition; which is particularly important for today’s new biological drugs.  The company’s clinical trials have shown that the injection mechanism delivers the injection with consistently less sensation than a traditional needle and syringe.

Portal Instruments seeks to partner with biopharmaceutical companies to enable greater differentiation and penetration of their individual billion dollar biologic franchises.  Portal is backed by venture investors and strategic partners, including 5AM Ventures and Sanofi Sunrise, and seeks additional biopharmaceutical partners to collaborate on specific drug-device combination products that can drive new market growth, improve differentiation and help with patient adherence.  There is also potential for customizable applications for a large variety of medical, animal, agricultural, and cosmetic uses. For more information, please visit: or follow @portalcambridge on Twitter.

Contact Information

Dr. Patrick Anquetil
Chief Executive Officer


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