Administering Biologics

Chronic disease self-managed in the home with biologic-based therapies place the burden of drug administration on the patient and may lead to disease management anxiety, poor adherence and less than optimal outcomes.  Treatment adherence for biologics are estimated to be 40% to 70% depending upon the indication [CDC, 2013; FDA 2016].  Patient anxiety can be compounded by the use of needle-based drug delivery devices to administer these medicines.


Needle anxiety, which is very different from needle-phobia, is a real concern. For many, having needles in the home is not desirable. Aside from the associated stigma around needle use, concerns include an innate dislike of needles, the inconvenience of disposing of needles and, safety around needle use which is especially worrisome when children live in the home.

Patients that switch to biologics want to administer their therapy successfully. Current modes of injection administration can cause patient anxiety and can be uncomfortable, especially if it requires the needle to be in the patient for 10-30 seconds to administer the complete dose. Some patients may even refuse a therapy if it requires a needle-based self-injection.


Portal’s injector and cartridge are components of a drug delivery platform, completed and made available through our biopharma partners.  Portal’s platform is in development and not available for sale or use.