There are self-driving cars, 5G smartphones, and now planes that travel from New York to London in 3.5 hours. The world we live in and the technology we use are rapidly evolving. But,  when it comes to drug delivery methods, the 160-year old technology behind the needle and syringe has yet to catch wind of any radical transformation. With cutting-edge technology from MIT, Portal Instruments aims to transform how injections are given while improving the experience for patients on life-changing therapies.


Portal Instruments is developing a drug delivery platform that is needle-free, fast, and connected to redefine the patient experience. For patients who dread taking shots, Portal’s needle-free injector could offer a new alternative. Drug administration is over in half a second, making Portal’s needle-free injector 30 times faster than the conventional needle and syringe.¹ Portal’s device can be connected to customizable disease management apps to enable patients to automatically track their injections and manage their chronic condition.


With cutting-edge technology, Portal is able to push the boundaries of how injections are delivered today.  Patients deserve more advanced drug delivery methods and at Portal, we envision a better patient experience and a needle-free future.


¹ Portal Data on file.