CAMBRIDGE, Mass. March 13, 2017 — Dr. Patrick Anquetil, Chief Executive Officer of Portal Instruments will participate in a BioPharma Dealmakers webcast, sponsored in part by Portal Instruments, featuring four companies innovating drug delivery technology. The webcast, part of the BioPharma Dealmakers series, is scheduled for 11:00 AM EDT on March 29, 2017.

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This webcast will highlight a range of diverse technologies and explain their applications in diseases such as oncology, CNS diseases and women’s health. Technologies covered within the webcast will include, digitally controlled needle-free devices, sustained and controlled transdermal delivery technology, fiber-based technology for implantable devices, targeted penetration matrix technology for non-invasive delivery and location-specific nano machines for chemotherapy payload delivery.

The webcast will conclude with a live roundtable discussion and a Q&A section to allow you to participate and put your own questions to the speakers.

Dr. Anquetil brings more than 18 years of experience leading high-tech bioengineering companies from the lab to the market place and building world-class teams. His scientific work has appeared in peer-reviewed publications as well as mainstream media, including MIT Technology Review, Wired Magazine, PBS, and CNBC among others.

Other webcast participants include:

  • Joseph Sarret, Chief Business Officer of Corium International
  • Kevin Nelson, Founder & Chief Scientific Officer of TissueGen Inc.
  • Paul Gavin, Chief Scientific Officer of Phosphagenics Limited
  • Roy Farfara, Chief Scientific Officer of TrioxNano
  • Moderator: Raveena Bhambra, Editor of BioPharma Dealmakers. Raveena has worked in the biopharma industry for over 10 years specifically in the areas of dealmaking, partnering and licensing.

April 19 Update: To view the recorded webcast, register first over here.

About the Webcast
BioPharma Dealmakers webcasts are dedicated to small and large companies looking for commercial partnerships.  Read the quarterly BioPharma Dealmakers supplement in Nature Biotechnology and Nature Reviews Drug Discovery.

About Portal Instruments Inc.
Portal Instruments is a Series B funded medical device company focused on advanced drug delivery and backed by strategic and venture investors. We are developing and commercializing a highly innovative needle-free drug delivery platform technology to transform the administration of medicines and improve the patient experience for chronic diseases. Portal’s needle-free delivery technology is derived from research at MIT and enables the administration of high viscosity biologic drugs with significantly less discomfort and without the anxiety of handling needles. Real time tracking and reporting sets a new standard for interactivity between the patient and care teams, monitoring adherence and potentially improving patient outcomes. For more information, please visit: or follow @portalcambridge on Twitter.

Dr. Patrick Anquetil
Chief Executive Officer

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