Portal Instruments - Patrick Anquetil CEO and Co-Founder

If you’re squeamish about needles, you’ll be delighted to know that Portal Instruments is developing technology that will allow needle-free injections of important medications through the skin. It’s especially important for people with chronic conditions that require constant injections.


Portal’s CEO and co-founder, Dr. Patrick Anquetil is DOING THIS. He’s a scientist and engineer who is also able to see the world through the lens of business, allowing him to spot opportunity in a very important industry.


It’s a great example of how business – and even profit – can drive the development of technology with the potential to help millions of people.


Jay Sparks, host of Finding Unique Value podcast, chats with Dr. Anquetil about how he has leveraged his unique science and business background to create value and solve an unmet need with potential to help millions of people.


The podcast discusses Dr. Anquetil’s journey so far, and much more, including…

– How to protect breakthrough inventions with the government’s help

– The hardest part of running a startup and how to overcome it

– Fundraising tips for getting the capital you need

– Why Dr. Anquetil’s education takes a backseat, even in this highly specialized industry

– And more


Listen now…

Portal’s platform is in development and not available for sale or use.